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Preview – CCW Gear

RECOIL Magazine Staff and Contributors Reveal Their CCW Gear

In some ways, choosing the right handgun and holster combination is like deciding on the proper pair of shoes. Are they appropriate for the activities you’re about to participate in? Do they fit properly? Are they going to hinder you in any way? Just like how you wouldn’t choose the same footwear to hit the backcountry that you would to attend a formal wedding, there’s rarely a “one size fits all” gun and holster solution. Compromises are always made, largely due to the fact it’s rather hard to conceal an entire infantry platoon on your person.

Previous issues of CONCEALMENT featured prominent instructors, competitive shooters, and SOF pipe hitters, and we have some of the same today. However, we also decided to answer a question that we get asked a lot: “What do you carry?” So, alongside well-known warriors like Jeff Gonzales and Buck Doyle, you’ll have responses from some RECOIL staff and contributors. Given their positions, they’re often exposed to a myriad of options — and some of the results you may find surprising.

It should be stated that regardless of the answer, each person listed probably has at least one Glock 19 tucked away in a safe someplace (except for Searson — who knows about that guy?). Hell, it seems like everyone has one these days; one can barely go to the range without it being a veritable gangbang of Glocks. Despite how pervasive this once-controversial pistol has become, it’s far from the only good option out there. Sometimes a pair of tennis shoes makes more sense than hiking boots.



Organization: Follow Through Consulting LLC

Job title: CEO and Chief Instructor


Service Background: U.S. Marine Corps, Force Recon/MARSOC

List highest military/LEO rank: Master Sergeant

CCW pistol: Glock 19 Gen4

Modifications: SSVI TYR trigger, Ameriglo Pro I-Dot sights, and custom frame done by Red Creek Tactical

Holster: Raven Concealment, Eidolon Holster

Position of CCW holster: Appendix carry

“The Glock 19 was my issued carry pistol during my four years contracting for the Department of Defense in Afghanistan. I found its size and caliber provided an optimal capability for use as both a CCW as well as a secondary weapon to my carbine. Raven’s Eidolon Holster allows for easy, quick access and employment of the Glock 19, and is comfortable in the appendix carry position, whether during dismounted patrols or vehicle transit.”

Gonzalesglock jeffgonzales


“The Glock 19 has the best balance of size, capacity, reliability, and accuracy; when optimized with our ProCarry package from ROBAR, it creates the ultimate concealment package. When you specifically define your mission it helps to see the trees within the forest, and the benefits stand out pretty clearly. Having an athletic frame allows me to take advantage of Mesomorphic physique — which means I can pretty much place the gun wherever I want. If I were to be honest, about 40 to 50 percent of the time I carry concealed, it would be at the appendix location. The appendix gives me a slight edge, but strong side offers advantages that I exploit as well. I maintain both appendix and strong side since between the two I can pretty much conceal under any environmental conditions and that’s what best supports my concealment mission.”

Organization: Trident Concepts, LLC

Job title: President


Service Background: U.S. Navy

List highest military/LEO rank: SEAL

CCW pistol: TRICON Pro-Carry Glock 19


Holster: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster

Position of CCW holster: 1:30 to 2 o’clock


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