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Preview – CCW Holsters for Women

Female Concealed Carry Holster Buyer's Guide

Women are buying and carrying guns more than ever, and that’s a huge leap in the right direction. The conundrum for every concealed carry gun owner is ensuring the firearm stays out of sight. Unfortunately there are few options for women when it comes to ways they can successfully hide a gun on their body.

Everyone’s different, right? We learn that simple fact in grade school, but historically, most holsters were cookie-cutter copies of each other. Over the past two decades, holster designs have improved, resulting in versatility, better fit, and improved gun retention. Holster choice is a lot like gun preference — the selection ends up being very personal. Since women are shaped differently than men, they need holsters that complement their body.

“What’s been missing in the firearms industry is a full understanding of the many ways women are different and then meeting those needs,” says Carrie Lightfoot, owner and founder of The Well Armed Women.

Tatiana Whitlock, director of training at Ann Arbor Arms Academy says, “As women, we have so many more wardrobe options to conceal a firearm. We’re masters of camouflage. We’ve spent years perfecting how to accentuate or hide aspects of our bodies with how we dress.”

So, this boils down to perspective. As a woman, as long as you’re willing to arm yourself with the knowledge to carry concealed, you can do it. There are a vast array of holsters to choose from that don’t look like the one grandpa used to carry.

A few things to consider when determining the best carry position:

* In what position are you able to conceal your firearm of choice?

* How can you carry in a position that is comfortable and easily accessible?

* What type of clothing do you usually wear? For example, skirts, pants, dresses, jeans, yoga pants, etc.

For most, the best type of concealed carry is inside the waistband (IWB), utilizing a holster that firmly attaches to a rigid belt. Since many women don’t wear a belt on a regular basis, all of the holsters featured in this buyer’s guide are not dependent on one. These holsters either clip onto a waistband, can be worn with any attire, or rely on compression to maintain their position.

Once you’ve figured out where you can conceal your gun, it’s time to look at the holsters that best fit that position and your style of dress. Read on for holster choices that will accommodate your needs.

5.11 Tactical Women’s Sleeveless Holster Shirt

Material: Polyester/spandex blend
Colors: Black, white
MSRP: $60
411: Wearing a shirt with a holster built in is beneficial for when you want to carry a gun, but don’t want to feel like you’re carrying a gun. During extended wear, the weight of an IWB holster can be more apparent. If uniform restrictions, activities, or your job prevent you from wearing a holster IWB, this shirt is the answer. This holster shirt can be compared to a shoulder holster as both have similar drawstrokes and drawbacks.



* Ideal for long wear, especially while sitting

* Form fitting

* Ambidextrous


* Location of holster causes a slow gun draw

* Gun moves inside of the holster pocket

UnderTech Undercover Women’s Concealment Shorts

Material: MicroPoly/Lycra blend
Colors: Black, nude, white
MSRP: $60
411: This holster option comes in a several different variations, from short shorts, to the ones pictured, to leggings. The compression material allows for layering without bulging.



* Exceptionally comfortable

* Accommodates small- and medium-framed guns

* Can be washed and dried with regular laundry


* Only allows for traditional “kidney” carry position

Dene Adams Petite Sun-Kissed

Material: Fabric
Colors: Nude, white and nude, black, and limited-edition colors
MSRP: $120
411: This is not the uncomfortable, waist-slimming, hard-to-breathe-in undergarment usually associated with the term “corset.” Once on, it’s almost unnoticeable to the wearer, and true to how a holster should be, you can wear this corset doing your normal day-to-day activities.



* Lightweight and very comfortable

* Ambidextrous

* Can be worn on the front or back

* Optional Kydex trigger guard insert for additional security


* Due to location, it requires a longer gun draw

* Must be hand washed and line dried

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