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Preview – EDC (Every Day Carry)

Be Prepared With Only What's in Your Pockets

Every day carry (EDC) is a mindset about being prepared for the monkey wrenches that life may throw your way, and having the tools on you to deal with them. This can be as basic as having a good pen to write down that hottie’s number you’ve been checking out all night, to having ninja throwing stars to defend yourself with when her significant other comes chasing after you. All joking aside, being prepared for the unexpected with more than your wallet, mobile phone, and keys on your person is something anyone can benefit from.

Here, we’ll break down the gear you should consider as part of your EDC loadout. There area lot of options out there; the examples we show are ones with utility and/or functionality that caught our eye. One tip: Have multiples of each item, so you can adjust what you carry based on the weather and your style of dress. Function trumps form here, but there’s no reason you can’t go with something with a little bit of style.

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  1. Richard Artis says:

    Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the magazine, but the articles are well thought out and supported with clear photographs. I have long been disguisted with the price of firearms magazines but Recoil Magazine seems to “earn” its price.

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