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My Watersafe Is a Low-Tech Solution for Dire Situations

Turn the knob and water flows from the faucet. We do this every day and take for granted that H2O will always flow from the tap whenever we need it.

But what happens when it doesn’t? What happens if there’s a serious crisis, the power and utilities are out, and you can’t GTFO to a safer area? Whether it’s a natural disaster, a doomsday event, or an unnecessary but inevitable remake of Mad Max, there’s one thing for certain: water will be a very scarce and very expensive commodity.

Enter My Watersafe. It’s essentially a giant plastic bag that holds up to 65 gallons of water and comes with a siphon pump to transfer water to smaller containers. This invention is so low-tech and easy to use that it’s actually kind of genius.

There are some circumstances in which grabbing your go-bag and bugging out might not be your first choice. In some circumstances it might actually be safer to stay indoors and ride it out.
At the first sign of trouble, you

At the first sign of trouble, you can unfold this water bag in your bathtub and fill it up. At maximum capacity, it can hold enough water for you and your small family to drink, cook, bathe, clean, and flush for two to three weeks — hopefully enough time for the utilities to kick back up or for you to be evacuated once the danger’s passed.

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