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Train Like a Samurai and Forget About Ammo Costs, Range Time, and the Latest Cool Gadget

There are no mulligans in a death duel. The samurai Miyamoto Musashi competed in more than 60 such duels, winning all, losing none, and eventually passing away in a cave from natural causes at the age of 61. His samurai training did not require 30 cents to $1 per sword swing, nor did he travel hours to train.

The secret to the samurais’ success is simple — they trained often, and they trained as a lifestyle. The common protocol for training was to integrate it within their daily living; of course, they did not have recurring costs such as we do with live-fire training.

SIRT AR-Bolt Reflective Tape as a Traing Tool with SIRT

Training as a Lifestyle
To obtain a greater level of skill, we have to crack the code to making training integral to our lifestyle. Top instructors like Mike Seeklander have stated that people have no idea how good they can get by dry-firing just a few minutes a day.

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Based on modern adult theory of learning, “distributed learning” is much more effective than “block learning” for mastering a skill. In other words, instead of a continuous two-hour block of training, it’s far more effective to learn a motor neuron skill by distributing that two hours over an entire week, split into five-minute sessions. You may ask how can we possibly execute five-minute training sessions — after all, it takes longer than 5 minutes to load your shooting equipment into the car. The answer? Lower your barriers to entry and eliminate the setup and breakdown time for hitting a drill. Better use of time makes lifestyle training sustainable and dramatically increases firearm proficiency. Effective dry-fire practice at home can achieve these goals.

Using Your Car as a Training Prop

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