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Preview – National NAVY UDT-Seal Museum

70 Years Of Navel Special Warfare History

Today’s Navy SEALs (sea, air and land teams) trace their proud lineage back to the early days of World War II where they saw action in North Africa, Normandy and the Pacific as Amphibious Scouts and Raiders. The Scouts and Raiders were formed into underwater demolition teams (UDTs), eventually evolving into combat swimmers known as frogmen and ultimately the SEALs that we know today. And you can now immerse yourself in 70 years of Naval Special Warfare history right where it all began.

The Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is located in Fort Pierce, Florida, the birthplace of the Navy’s elite warrior. The museum’s impressive outdoor exhibits include everything from a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter to a current-day Desert Patrol Vehicle. Get a close-up look at the Somali pirates’ hostage lifeboat where SEALs shot three pirates dead, freeing a captured cargo-ship captain. There’s even a captured Iranian gun boat to climb aboard.

Inside, the exhibits start with displays and artifacts from the group’s formation in 1941 and take visitors through every major conflict America has seen since. On display are the equipment, weapons and vehicles from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Beirut, Afghanistan, Iraq and more.

Exhibits of captured enemy weapons and gear are particularly fascinating. A display featuring items from Vietnam includes a homemade North Vietnamese pistol and machete that really bring to life the danger that the SEALs face. The secrecy of the missions is also brought to light when you come across a Hezbollah flag that was recovered by an anti-terrorist element of Special Naval Warfare on a mission that is still classified.

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