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Preview – Nighthawk Custom’s Predator

Nighthawk Custom Predator GroupingsThe Predator from Nighthawk Custom is a redesigned single-action defensive 1911 with a unique barrel design that sets it apart from other custom handmade 1911s. Instead of a typical bushing or bull barrel, the Predator’s barrel flares at the muzzle end to add weight for faster follow-up shots. The slide is precisely machined shorter so that the Predator maintains the same dimensions as a standard 1911. Being handmade with such precision machining means that the Predator sells north of the $3,000 mark.

If you're not satisfied with buying an off-the-shelf standard Predator from a Nighthawk dealer, don’t worry. Nighthawk’s website has more custom options for this handgun than most car dealers have for the average automobile. There were more than 40 at the time we viewed the company’s website.

The options are endless: Calibers, colors, integrated light rail, checking, stippling, sights, aluminum frame and ambidextrous controls are just a few. Even Nighthawk’s FLX high-capacity double-stack frame is an option for 9mm Predators. If there is a specific high-quality component you want for your build that isn’t listed on the Nighthawk  website, the company will order it from Brownells. But there is a downside: Nighthawk lists delivery lead times in months rather than weeks for Predators.

We should note immediately that this handgun is not allowed in International Defensive Pistol Association competitive events due to the barrel’s design. For some, that equates to a positive: There is something desirous about a handgun  that is barred from competition because it gives the shooter an “unfair advantage.” In a defensive situation, you want as much up-front advantage as you can get.

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  1. Luiza says:

    Nothing I could say would give you undue crdeit for this story.

  2. Alix Robinson says:

    This is on the wishlist!!

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