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Preview – The Razor’s Edge – JJ “The Razor” Racaza

After receiving international acclaim following his appearance on the “Top Shot” television program, champion shooter JJ “The Razor” Racaza is far from ready to bask in any type of glory. Instead, this leader of the firearms program for the Department of Homeland Security strives tirelessly to master his craft by coupling his uncanny accuracy and unparalleled sense of self-discipline.

Consistently a top contender in nearly any competition he enters, Racaza began sharpening his pistol-shooting skills at the age of nine. By 11, this shooting prodigy was holding his own against adults and finishing in the top 10 at competitive matches. Now he is ranked as a Grand Master in both the United States Pistol Shooting Association (USPSA) and International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). In 2011, he led the U.S. Gold Team in the 2011 IPSC World Shooting Championships held in Rhodes, Greece.

Repetition is considered the mother of success, and just as any self-help, motivational or sports-theory article will mention, it is also the quality of the repetition that ultimately determines overall excellence. With all things  considered, shooting—regardless of whether it is tactical, speed or skeet—requires near perfect form that is only effective if it is coupled with acute mental and physical prowess, trigger control and lightning-fast target acquisition.

Champions master their craft by repeating motions over and over, becoming one with both their environment and their weapon of choice, depending upon the discipline. Shooting shares much of the same science as conventional  sports in that one of the most frustrating trials begins with learning the proper motor skills and moving with the firearm.

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