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Preview – Ruger’s LC9-LM – Defensive Laser Pistol

Contrary to what you may think, carrying a gun for protection isn’t just restricted to “gun nuts.” Plenty of people who aren’t dedicated enthusiasts trust their safety to firearms they carry with them on a daily basis. If you, your spouse,or even your elderly parents could use additional protection, it’s a good idea to seek out a reliable defensive pistol that’s easy to handle and carry.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a defensive carry pistol.Small overall size is of the up most importance because it makes carrying and concealing the firearm easier. Stopping power is another point to consider; control ability and ease of use also top the list of what to look for. RECOIL recently took a look at the options available; the 9x19mm-chambered Ruger LC9 series of pistols grabbed our attention.

The Prescott, Arizona-based manufacturer recently added two separate, factory installed, trigger-guard-mounted, lasersighting options to the LC9. A laser can be helpful for easier and faster targeting during stressful self-defense situations.The Crimson Trace Laserguard comes on the LC9-CT model and is operated with the use of a button located on the front of the grip by squeezing the middle finger of the firing hand. The LC9-LM comes with a LaserMax CenterFire and features a button on either side of the laser unit in front of the trigger guard that can be pushed by the support hand. Our evaluation unit was this one.

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