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Preview – SCAR Accessories

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Photography by Jorge Nuñez

LEGOs for Adults

The military refers to firearms as weapon systems, and nowhere is that moniker more appropriate than the FN SCAR. A thoroughly modern interpretation of a fighting rifle, the FN SCAR truly is a system — a platform that embodies versatility, modularity, and flexibility. In hot demand with militaries, agencies, and civilians alike, the popularity of the SCAR has spawned a robust ecosystem of parts and accessories, both from FNH USA itself and companies large and small.

Designed from the start to be modular, the FN SCAR field strips easily into its various components and readily accepts a variety of modifications and accessories. From extension rails at the business end, to charging handles and triggers in the middle, to buttstocks at the rear, there are many great accessories available to customize your SCAR to fit your exact needs and preferences. We’d be willing to bet that a lot of our readers enjoyed LEGOs when they were kids (or even to this day), fitting blocks together to recreate the visions in your minds. With just a couple of simple tools, you can do the same with your SCAR.

FNH USA SCAR Extended Fore-End

MODEL: SCAR Extended Fore-End
WEIGHT: 0.65 pounds
MSRP: $265

The factory extension from FNH adds an additional 6 inches of for-end, with rails on the top, sides, and bottom to attach accessories or extend your support hand further forward.

Molon Labe Industries SCARmag

BRAND: Molon Labe Industries
MODEL: SCARmag 10, 15, 20 and 25
WEIGHT: 0.3, 0.33. 0.43. 0.5 pounds
COLORS: Black, dark earth
MSRP: $70

The SCARmag is a polymer magazine for the SCAR 17S which is significantly lighter than factory magazines.  It features a low-friction zero-tilt follower, and the magazine body is constructed of a tough proprietary polymer that also has a reduced infra-red signature. SCARmags are a bit longer than equivalent factory magazines (5/8 inch longer for the 10 rounders and 1/2 inche for the 20 rounders).


BRAND: VLTOR Weapon Systems
WEIGHT: 0.5 pounds
COLORS: Black, patriot brown
MSRP: $170

With its SCAR Stock, VLTOR brought features from its popular, battle-proven buttstocks to the SCAR platform.  There is a lot of storage space in the stock, the butt-pad has a negative pitch to aid in transitions to and from the ready position, and quick detach sockets allow you to easily attach slings.  The stock is a straight replacement for the existing part, installing and functioning exactly the same.

Tango Down SCAR Armorer's Block SetBRAND: TangoDown
MODEL: SCAR Armorer's Block Set
WEIGHT: 1.3 pounds
MSRP: $173

The official SOCOM-issue armorer's block set for the FN SCAR weapon system.  The 5 piece set can be utilized to complete all major service procedures, including barrel service, trigger module repair, and bolt disassembly/reassembly for both 5.56mm and 7.62mm.  Made of injection molded nylon to prevent scratching the rifle.

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