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Preview – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Photo Courtesy Ubisoft

Ubisoft's Latest Release: Tom Clancy's The Division

Situation: A pandemic of biblical proportions ravages the Big Apple. Within days of a viral spread, the entire United States falls into chaos.

Special Ops Team Assigned: “The Division,” a group of agents trained to operate independently and save society. Coordinate with other team members to accomplish your mission.

Effective: March 8, 2016

Mission Platform: Xbox One / PlayStation4 / Windows PC

Mission Features: Tailor your skills to a specific role. MMO/RPG-style game playing. Communication with fellow players on voice chat recommended. Reputation in game evolves. Friendly fire may affect group status/performance.

Mission Objective: Snake Plissken won’t be coming to help you because you aren’t looking to escape from New York — you’re looking to reclaim it. In Ubisoft Entertainment’s latest release, Tom Clancy’s The Division, your role is to investigate the source of the virus, restore order, and work with other agents to take back the country’s largest city. You’ll be up against rogue gangs that range from flamethrower-wielding “Cleaners” to escaped convicts from Rikers Island trying to take control of what’s left.

Mission Environment: Sections of central Manhattan have been quarantined. Infiltrate to recover valuable equipment (“loot”) left behind by the military to aid in achieving your objective. Weather and time of day impact your experience. Navigate through subterranean and surface levels to reach destinations. Build strongholds in different locations to plan, craft, and receive extracted loot. Each district has its own base with activities to further your character and progress of the district itself. Factions can interrupt flow of supplies and traffic within districts and affect bases.
The Snowdrop engine allows for editor/player interface so engine is running in real time. Ongoing project is always playable. Constant implementation of new creations and ideas.

Mission Loadout: Upgradable gas mask to protect against infection. State-of-the-art technology, including smartwatch to communicate with other agents, seeker mines that find and kill enemies, ECHO tech to render moments frozen in time to pick up intel on environment, history of disease outbreak, and location of hidden loot. Tesla trap to shock enemies in range of electric output. Deployable turret to fire incendiary rounds or flamethrower to cause diversions. Much more gear available for use.

Mission Rating: M

Mission Dossier:

MSRP: $59.99

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