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Toyota Tundra – Miami Vice

Perhaps Crockett and Tubbs Should Trade the Ferrari in for a Devolro Diablo

Photos by Q Concepts


While perusing a random web search for “bug-out vehicles” one day, we came across an image of this truck. That alone was enough to warrant further investigation of the website. What we found was a company in Miami called Devolro that began around 2000 after founder Ed Orlov received offers to buy a truck he’d bought and modified for hunting expeditions. Then, he decided to see if he could generate the same interest by making more. And he did.

What does Devolro mean? It’s actually Orlov Ed spelled backward. The company offers several models of trucks built on the most recent Toyota Tundra platforms since they felt it offered the best quality to carry the company’s name, although plans to include Dodge, Jeep, and Chevy in their fleet are in the pipeline, says Devolro Manager Kiril Kalan. If you own a truck and want some of the same modifications made to it, bring it in and Devolro can give it the same proverbial Q Branch treatment.


The Diablo is Devolro’s flagship vehicle, which, going over the list of options, is definitely not just some tacticool, trust-fund-baby truck that’s all show and no go. Want a supercharged motor? Check. Ballistic armoring? Done. Weapons storage? You got it. Mobile office? You can have that too. Total build time, depending on your options, is approximately four to six weeks. So let’s delve deeper in into Devolro’s trappings.


A 7-inch lift includes BDS components and control arms with Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 5 shocks and coilovers. The particular model pictured here had 22-inch Fuel Wheels and Falken run-flat rubber. Brembo six-piston breaks bring this hulking giant to a stop. How hulking? Fully loaded, a Diablo tips the scales around 7,000 pounds — that’s pretty good considering the GVWR is about the same as a factory Tundra.

Powering the Diablo is a supercharged 5.7L iForce V-8 with an upgraded transmission and ECU to handle the additional torque and horsepower, make that 525 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. A 46-gallon tank replaces the factory version, which Kalan tells us gives a fully loaded Diablo a range of approximately 500 miles. Owners can choose from one or two batteries that can be switched between main and auxiliary power for optional Warn winches or inverter switches that may be located in the cab or bed for any accessories you want to bring along. A towing capacity of 10,000 pounds means your bug-out boat or ATVs can come along without a problem.


The entire body is coated in Line-X for durability and can be tinted to any standard vehicle color. Clients can also choose proprietary armor paneling from B6 to B7 level. Areas of protection include the body, roof, floor, frame, battery, rear door, fuel tank, engine, exhaust, and door supports. Ballistic glass and a 42mm composite windshield rated at NIJ III-A standards are other options. Devolro claims a full dose of B7 and special glass only adds 750 pounds and is rated to withstand 7.62x51mm rounds.


Clients can select built-in enclosures for weapons storage in the bed for long guns and a biometric lock box in the cab for handguns. An in-house upholstery team can create any design combo using Italian leather and Alcantara or exotic materials like gator and ostrich. Enhanced sound system and multimedia options consist of a laptop, tablet, hotspot, portable printer, and sat phone.

You'll find yourself approximately $100,000 to $200,000 lighter in the billfold if you'd like one of these built-to-order badass trucks. Compared to what DIYers have told us they've got sunk in their personal survivalist rides, this seems pretty comparable.


We've really only scratched the surface with the amount of options you can get, so we suggest you check them out online or request a spec sheet to get the full whack of accoutrements to choose from. Owners have a hand in selecting all the options that go into the ride so they're heavily involved in the build decisions.

While it might be out of your price range, at least you know a company is out there creating what is, by all appearances, a serious truck for the survivalist with plenty of discretionary income. Even if it doesn't suit your particular needs we'd have to say it'd be in the top 10 purchases we'd probably make after getting six out of six on the lotto.


MAKE: Rigid
MODEL: 50-inch LED
URL: http://www.rigidindustries.com

MAKE: Rigid
MODEL: 20-inch LED
URL: http://www.rigidindustries.com

MAKE: Devolro
MODEL: B6 or B7
URL: http://www.devolro.com

MAKE: Line-X
COLOR: Black (other colors available)
URL: http://www.linex.com

MAKE: Brembo
MODEL: Six-piston big brake kit
URL: http://www.brembo.com

MAKE: Fuel Off-Road Wheels
MODEL: R22 five-piece
URL: http://www.fueloffroad.com

MODEL: LED 7-inch foglights
URL: http://www.arbusa.com

MAKE: Warn
MODEL: 9.5cti
URL: http://www.warn.com

MAKE: BDS Suspension
MODEL: 7-inch lift
URL: http://www.bds-suspension.com

MAKE: Falken
MODEL: Wildpeak A/T-01
URL: http://www.falkentire.com

MAKE: Xtreme LED Lights
MODEL: 60-inch Scanning Amber, White, and Red Lightbar
URL: http://www.xtremeledlights.com

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