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Proctor’s new DVD trailer is live

“Everything that I've figured out, over time, I wanna try to shortcut your learning curve and give it to you from as many angles as I can. ” Frank Proctor

The new trailer from Frank Proctor is out – Proctor Performance, Carbine Extended Trailer. This video is in post production and will be released in Summer 2014.


“The very instant we see good enough <snaps> if we're programmed to fire without a delay we'll win… [Y]ou don't have to slow down. You just have to do everything right.”

We previously covered Frank's Performance Pistol DVD here if you want to check that out:

Learn more about Frank Proctor at Way of the Gun; order a DVD here or stand by to watch it streaming once it is finished. Check out more on Vimeo and his instructor page. You can stream that Performance Pistol video here.

Frank Proctor - Carbine DVD

Frank Proctor - Carbine DVD 3


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