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Professional-Grade Security: Jotto

Jotto is not a name that’s going to immediately ring many bells on the commercial market, although most anyone who’s seen the inside of a police cruiser has seen their products.

The company manufactures a full line of security products that includes almost every fixture needed to turn a Charger or Tahoe into a squad car, from the prisoner cage in the back seat to the security mount for the laptop in the front.

They also make the locking racks that hold shotguns and patrol carbines in the squad car, secure against theft and yet ready to use on demand.

It was the experience in offering these secure ready racks that led Jotto to enter the commercial market to offer secure locking racks for the CCW handguns that more and more Americans are carrying every year.

The reality of carry laws in most states means that there are times and places where it is illegal to carry a firearm into a building with you and it must be left in the vehicle.

Legendary firearms trainer Pat Rogers was fond of saying “Your car is not a holster,” and it’s not a gun safe, either. Unsecured firearms left in cars are primary sources for the stolen guns that are used in crimes, and under the seat or in the glovebox is the first place a car burglar is going to look.


Jotto offers two sizes of securely locking pistol holders: The NRA® Handgun Holster for duty-size and compact pistols, and the Compact-Micro Handgun Holster for the tiny pocket pistols that are common carry choices.


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The length and height are adjustable by means of sliders and shims and the interior is rubber-lined to avoid marring finishes.

The rugged steel holder bolted to the car’s interior is the next best thing to an actual pistol safe bolted into the vehicle.

A variant of the holder with a cabled remote biometric fingerprint reader is also being offered, as the Bio Handgun Holster. Simply push the button on the side of the reader and when the fingerprint scanner illuminates, put a finger against it to release the lock on the bale that secures the pistol in place. The process takes just three seconds.


In addition to the handgun offerings, Jotto is also offering adaptations of their LE long gun mounts to hold home defense long guns readily available, yet secured from unauthorized access. These mounts can be either in the open or in a recessed wall-mount cabinet hidden behind a mirror.


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Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

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