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Pulsar’s New Thermion: A Thermal Scope That Looks Like a Scope

Pulsar is set to release its Thermion thermal riflescope this summer. The scope's list of capabilities sound quite impressive, but first, let's talk about the basics. The first thing that jumps out is how this thermal imaging scope actually looks like… a scope. The scope fits any standard 30 mm mounting rings and has an all-metal body. The magnesium alloy body offers ample protection from the elements while cutting down on weight.

But that's enough about aesthetics, let's move on to what matters– performance.

The Thermion has a 1,969-yard detection range and a full HD AMOLED display. It comes with eight color modes from Ultramarine to Red Monochrome, as well as the classic white-hot and black-hot modes which all provide high resolution viewing.



The Thermion comes with 16gb of onboard storage for pictures and videos which can be accessed by either plugging the device in or by using the StreamVision app,  thus allowing you to share them with friends or keep them as long as you would like.

This product is not set to release until Summer 2019, but Pulsar will have it on hand at SHOT Show (booth #11924) for a first look and feel. For information about more of Pulsar's products, you can visit their website at

See Pulsar products in action below:

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