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Purchase your Ghost Gun from Samson MFG (while you still can)

“When you open this little door on the side, tiny humans run out of it and bite the ankles of your enemy.” Andrew Dreher

I want one of these Samson Manufacturing Ghost Guns. Whether it's in invisible mode or not (non-corporeal?), the rifle has a cyclic RoF of 3,600 rounds/minute, cannot be detected by X-rays or K9s and terrifies liberals.

What's not to like about that?

The important part starts when Andrew Dreher starts speaking at 1:07, but the whole thing if worth watching. If you don't understand the ghost gun reference, you either need to crawl out from under a rock or you're a staunch California Democrat (or both).

Samson Ghost Gun 2

Samson Manufacturing is online, on Facebook, on Google + and on YouTube. They may also be on Instagram, Twitter or Mammothtube for all I know, but those 4 links should be enough places to get you started.

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13 responses to “Purchase your Ghost Gun from Samson MFG (while you still can)”

  1. Gaines Jackson says:

    please send me a list of complete kits I an purchase for an automatic Glock 17 hand gun or reasonable facsimilia.

    • Theodore Habel says:

      in Virginia the 1st Amendment is spoken here CLKICK CLICK BOOM one round at a time come and get them

  2. Robert Peterson says:

    I am interested in the purchase of 410 derringer. Please response to my request. also a .38 special .357 caliber.

    Robert Peterson

  3. Robert Peterson says:

    I am interested in .38 special/397 caliber. Also a 410 derringer.

  4. Robert Peterson says:

    Please send me a catalog.

  5. jess says:

    does anyone know where I can buy an assembled ghost gun?

  6. TOny says:

    I have the same question does any know where I can buy an assumbled ghost gun?

  7. Robert Miller says:

    How do I go about buying a ghost gun and normal prices that I should expect?

  8. Dirk Pitt says:

    Want a Glock (9mm) soonest.

  9. gary oakley says:

    please send info

  10. Robert says:

    Can I purchase a ghost gun already put together?

  11. Bob Harper says:

    please send me info!

  12. Joseph Maurizzi says:

    looking to build 10/22 can I purchase a stripped receiver

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