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New PWS AR Pistols Available

Primary Weapons Systems just released a limited run of AR Pistols in their MOD 1-P Patrol and MOD2 lines. You'll see them soon at dealers, and we're given to understand they'll be on hand at SHOT 2017.

Features vary depending on the model, but the intention in both is to keep them lightweight and comfortable. As PWS explains things, “Until now, shooters looking for an AR pistol platform have been limited to either a Direct Impingement pistol with limited reliability, or a Piston pistol with extra weight and a lack of comfort with an arm brace.”

To address that problem, PWS built their new pistols using the Maxim Defense CQB Pistol EXC brace; this helps keep weight down. Both models are built with the PWS long-stroke piston for proper locomotion and are available with either a 7.75 in. or 11.85 in. barrel. Most are in .223 Wylde, but a few are in 300BLK. It looks like both of them use the CQB comp, though we're not entirely sure about that. It's possible there are other options available.


The MOD1-P (Patrol) AR pistol uses a MILSPEC forged receiver set and forward assist, as well as PWS machine profiled and chambered barrels (1:8 twist) and a KeyMod rail. The MOD2's guts are similarly treated, but it uses the PicMod rail instead, with a proprietary upper receiver (with lightening cuts), and no forward assist. The MOD2 is the lighter of the pair, though neither is exactly what you'd call heavy — and kudos to PWS for making a PicMod option available, though it's hardly surprising they did so.

The Maxim CQB Pistol EXC is a 4-position collapsible cheek brace that adds just a smidge more than 5 inches to a receiver at its most collapsed position. It's manufactured from 7075 aluminum alloy and utilizes JP Silent Captured Springs in the buffer (q.v.). The PWS CQC comp is intended for use at eye-gouging distance. They advise it mitigates muzzle blast while enhancing control, as opposed to their Triad comp, which is intended to reduce muzzle rise and marginalize muzzle flash.

PWS says they chose .223 Wylde because of its versatility, and advise they won't be making the stock pistol with an ambi charging handle (though you can order it that way).

As they explain it,

“.223 Wylde allows users to shoot with either .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO. We debated making the charging handle ambi, but it seems like everyone has a different preference on which one they want, so we decided to stick with our current one and keep the cost down so you can make that upgrade based on your preferences.”

Yes, you might say, and then duh, but remember, lots of people are new to this and don't know what most of us believe to be common knowledge.

We'll advise more as additional information becomes available. You can learn more here.

Technical Specs

  •     sub 7 lb weight unloaded
  •     26.75 in. collapsed length & 30.5 in. fully extended
  •     Forged 7075 aluminum construction
  •     Integrated trigger guard
  •     Maxim Defense EXC 3-position pistol brace
  •     Maxim Defense recoil spring and 3oz short buffer
  •     Dual QD attachment points
  •     Barrel 1:8 twist threaded 1/2X28
  •     PWS CQB compensator
  •     Lithium-embedded salt-nitro carburized bolt carrier
  •     Polished nickel bolt
  •     Ambidextrous safety & bolt/magazine release
  •     BCM polished nickel teflon trigger
  •     BCM pistol grip & charging handle


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