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PWS Gun-Ease, Applicator Pen

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) Gun Ease, Applicator Pen falls into the, “Why didn't I think of that” category of products. How many of us have been doing things the old fashioned way – putting drops of lube and spreading it around with our finger to only end up with oil all over our fingers and hands.

With the PWS Gun-Ease pen simply press down with the applicator tip and spread the biodegradeable CLP lubricant to where you need it. According to PWS the Gun Ease lubricant “is also a Non-Toxic cleaner that dissolves carbon on contact and reduces the time it takes to clean, lube and protect your firearm. After several applications your cleaning time is reduced even further as Gun-Ease creates a protective barrier that prevents fouling from sticking. Treating a weapon with Gun-Ease creates a barrier that resists fouling particles such as copper, lead, sand, dust and dirt.”

Primary Weapons Systems Gun-Ease, Applicator Pen

  • “Green Engineered” biodegradable CLP lubricant
  • 0.3fl oz
  • Crush Resistant Tube
  • Press-Down Applicator Tip
  • Replaceable Cap
  • Made in the USA

MSRP: $9.95

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