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Raphael Quality Goods – Leather for Gentlemen

I stumbled across some imagery from Raphael Quality Goods Co. recently and thought I would share. James Raphael is the craftsman and sole proprietor of Raphael Quality Goods Co.; his handcrafted wallets (and some of his other work I've seen) are extraordinary. You may recall the Canadian-based Raphael from the Lean Wallet Kickstarter (which you can read here); that campaign was successful and James is in business. Everything he does is individualized. No two are the same, but all reflect meticulous attention to detail and artistry.

Raphael Quality Leather Goods -8

Raphael Quality Leather Goods -2

Raphael Quality Goods Co. is online here. Follow him on Instagram: @raphaelqualitygoods.

Raphael Quality Leather Goods -6

Raphael Quality Leather Goods -5

Raphael Quality Leather Goods -3

Says James,

“This is much more than a brand. It is my family name, it is me. Every product I create, adorned with this mark, is a direct extension of myself. The word quality is more than just a reference to the sum of materials and parts that go in to our products, it also refers to the quality of the process in which the products came to exist. The quality of a design is in many ways, equally as important as the quality of the materials and techniques used to manufacture them. Because anything of true substance cannot exist without the other.”

Raphael Quality Leather Goods -4

In addition to the LEAN Wallet and forthcoming FOLD Travel Wallet (one of which I will own), Raphael also designed the LINK Key Hook. It's a nice alternative to EDC carabiners and the like. There's a video highlighting the LINK here.

Raphael Quality Leather Goods -LINK

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