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Rapid Rope: Frustration Free Rope Dispenser

Regardless of what type of shooting you’re doing, there are a few pieces of gear that are essential to have with you. For some that may include band-aids to help with a little slide bite. For others, it can be a length of rope, paracord, or something similar. After all, when out in the woods, a rope can be used to hoist gear into a tree-stand, tie up a hound, or even save a life.

The one main problem with carrying rope is that in spite of our best efforts, it often ends up looking more like a birds nest than a piece of necessary gear. While looking like a mess may only bother people with OCD, untying a multitude of knots can drive even the most patient person crazy. If there were just something available to protect our rope and keep it readily useable?

Rapid Rope 2

Ask no more, because the innovative crew over at Rapid Rope has the answer to our rope related OCD and sanity needs. Chris Rodgers, the founder of Rapid Rope, has created a simple but effective solution to meet many of the needs of the outdoor enthusiast.

Rapid Rope is a uniquely designed multi-use rope dispenser system that can be used for almost every rope application. It provides a convenient and compact way to store and access the 120’ of included “Extreme Utility Rope” whenever you need it. The Rapid Rope canister is both weather resistant and shatterproof, which protects your rope, makes it easy to store and ready to use.


Not only does the Rapid Rope dispenser neatly protect and store your rope, but it also has an integrated cutter that makes dispensing the perfect length of line convenient and easy. Just pull out the desired length of rope needed to tackle any job, wrap it around the cutter insert and pull tight. The cutter will slice through the line like a hot knife through butter, and you’ll be ready to go.

The Rapid Rope dispenser, including a 120’ rope cartridge, retails for $24.95, with replacement rope cartridges costing an affordable $14.95. Rapid Rope is available on the Rapid Rope website, or by calling 800-974-4703. Order yours today to avoid a birds nest tomorrow.

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