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Rare Spare Parts Community Gets Hi-Tech Upgrade With The Chop Swap

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Marine Bill Collver had one frustration in common with most motorcycle enthusiasts; finding that one rare part without taking out a second or third mortgage on the house. It seemed that while rebuilding a 1967 Triumph Bonneville, every time Bill bought a part on an auction site (at a no doubt “premium” price), just like clockwork he’d later come across that same part in a friend-of-a-friend's garage collecting dust. The trend was ongoing in other builds, enough so that Bill had the feeling that there just had to be a better way. So he thought some, kicked around a few ideas, and then did something about it.

Enter “The Chop Swap”, a FREE mobile app for motorcycle enthusiasts to connect and network, specifically enabling and encouraging the swapping of motorcycle parts. It connects your smart-phone’s camera with an online database of like users, making trading a snap.

Collver tinkered with his idea for a while; originally envisioning a mere web presence, but then had the Mobile App idea suggested to him by a software developer friend.

Says Bill, “It made sense to me since most people use their phones to take pics nowadays so why not just keep the whole platform on the phone?”

“The app is free and ready for the iPhone/ iPad in the Apple App Store,” he advises. “We are still working on the Android version, but it will happen soon. The entire function of this App is to create a CO-OP-like community for all of us who love riding, building, modifying, chopping, and/or racing motorcycles of any kind and era. There are already so many smaller communities revolving around every niche of motorcycles, but The Chop Swap is centered on one thing that is common to all of them: PARTS.”

  • Sell parts to others in the two-wheel community.
  • Buy or trade parts needed to finish your project.
  • Stick it to the middle man, post your parts without a time limit or fee.
  • Post services provided for motorcycles.

“Now, the databases are a bit light on parts right now since we just launched, but is growing exponentially as people join and post their own parts.”

Bill would also encourage those who have businesses that revolve around motorcycles to create a profile and post their goods and services…or even advertise on the app. Motorcycle Lovers Unite!

“Thanks and Semper Fidelis!” Bill Collver, Chop Swap LLC

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