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Raven Concealment releases Vanguard 3 Holster

The VG3 just appeared on the Raven Concealment Systems web store priced at $55.

Details from RCS:

The VanGuard 3 (VG3) is a minimalist IWB holster designed to be used with weapon mounted lights. Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG3 attaches to your weapon light and covers only the light and trigger guard of your weapon. This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, while providing a level of safety and security not attainable by simply sticking a pistol in the waistband of your pants. Because the holster is fitted to the light and not the weapon, the VG3 will work with a wide variety of pistols. The VG3 is fully ambidextrous, tuckable, and can be worn anywhere on the waistline except the small of the back.

RCS has physically verified the fit of the X300U A and B on the following pistols. As a general rule, any Pistol + X300U A/B combination will fit as long as the distance between the muzzle end of the gun and the bezel end of the light is ¾” or more.


  • 19/23/32
  • 17/22/31
  • 20/21/21sf
  • 29/30/30s/30sf
  • 37
  • 38


  • M&P Fullsize 9mm/.40cal
  • M&P45 Midsize
  • M&P45 Compact


  • P226R/MK-25/P226 Navy
  • P228R
  • P229R
  • P220R
  • P320 Compact
  • P250
  • SP2022


  • VP9 9mm/.40cal
  • P30
  • P2000
  • HK45
  • USP 9mm/.40cal (w/ aftermarket rail)
  • USP Compact 9mm/.40cal (w/ aftermarket rail)
  • USP45 (w/ aftermarket rail)
  • USP45 Compact (w/ aftermarket rail)


  • XD 9/49/45 4”bbl.
  • XDm 9/40/45 4.5”bbl.
  • XDm 9/40/45 3.8”bbl.
  • XD MOD2 4”bbl.


  • FNP/X-45
  • FNP/X-9/40
  • FNS 9/40
  • FN Five Seven (w/ square trigger guard)


  • PX4 Storm 9mm
  • PX4 Storm .45cal


  • P-07
  • P-01
  • CZ-75 SP-01 Phantom


  • SR-9
  • P95


  • PPQ Gen 1&2 4”bbl.
  • PPQ .45cal 4”bbl.


  • M9A1


  • 4.25” w/ rail
  • 4” w/ rail

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