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RECOIL Issue #13

RECOIL issue number 13 might be unlucky for some, but we think it's one of our best yet. The classic MP5 gets a makeover, courtesy of a small US veteran-owned outfit and the cute gun theme continues with a piston-driven 300 Blackout from PWS. Like miniguns? OK, dumb question, but check out the Dillon Defender and its M134D; it's the Land Rover that won't be at the Paris auto show. Beretta recently launched a new 3 gun shotty, so naturally we took it 3 gunning and you can find out how it performed.

If you've got a firearm that's looking a little tired, you may want to read this issue's buyers' guide on gun finishes where we get the lowdown on everything from Duracote to titanium nitride. Pat Mac wraps up his PT column (don't worry, he'll be back), new guy Seb Gorka gets funkily retro and Seeklander proves he can clear a stoppage with one hand tied behind his back. It all makes for one enormous helping of everything we love about guns and the people who use them.

To preview the issue, and learn how to subscribe for print and digital editions, head over to: RECOIL Issue #13

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