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RECOIL Issue #18

RECOIL Issue 18 is now on sale and within its luxuriant pages you'll find an interview with the author of No Easy Day (the first-hand account of the bin Laden raid), and we continue the theme with a look at the guns of American Sniper. Elsewhere in the magazine trucks are hurled, steel dinged at crazy ranges, exsanguination arrested, and soda cans propelled by means of an AR15. We can't make this stuff up.

Taking a break from our usual diet of high-dollar pistols, we cast a jaundiced eye at a bargain-priced model that offers extraordinary value for money, consider a suppressor that will fit most of the toys in your safe, and take a new look at an old weapon — tomahawks anyone? Of course, there's the usual slew of knives, vehicles, expert insight, and firearms, beautifully presented and tastefully photographed for the discerning aficionado. That would be you, dear reader, so hasten to the newsstand before someone snags your copy.

To preview the issue and learn how to subscribe click here: RECOIL #18.

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