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RECOIL Issue #23

RECOIL issue 23 is now on sale. We've crushed it. Other magazines are driven before us and we hear the lamentations of their women. You might notice something different about the cover this time around, or rather, covers — both of them feature innovative and badass weaponry, as well as a clothing system created just for this issue. Inside, we bring you stuff you know you're going to add to your “must have” list of fun toys. Like a belt-fed 9mm upper for your AR. And a suppressor that adapts to different calibers.

We've not forgotten about hard skills either, as Jared Wihongi returns to school us on weapon retention and we get winter driving tips from one of the world's top rally schools.

Long-range precision shooting is addressed by a former Ranger sniper team leader and we put some riflery skills to good use, north of the Arctic Circle. Read about the trip we put together to take three wounded vets on a DIY, off-grid caribou hunt, then start planning your own. And of course, there's all the usual cool guy kit like knives, trucks, and gun accessories. We hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we had putting it together — it's a metric shit ton of work, but we think the results are worth it.

To preview the issue and learn how to subscribe click here: RECOIL #23.

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