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RECOIL Issue #25

RECOIL's triumphant badassery marches ever onward with the launch of issue 25, featuring our nod to Castle Wolfenstein and the first ever assault rifle – the groundbreaking StG 44. We also put Ken Hackathorne's Colt to the test, as well as a low-pro bug-out bag, a wide array of night vision gear, and a jeep with an M2. Grey Ghost Precision's 300 BLK bolt gun and the almost ballistically identical PTR 32 in 7.62×39 both come under scrutiny, as do scads of new products, auto knives, and a place to go shoot.

Being a globetrotting bunch, we headed over to Turkey to visit the MKE weapons museum and returned before their director was indicted for bribery and espionage — we have an alibi, honest. So if you really want to start the weekend off right, check out our cigar buyers guide, spark up a fat one and settle in to the best damn magazine in the business. You know it, we know it, and apparently the jury that decided this year's Maggie awards know it too.

To preview the issue and learn how to subscribe click here: RECOIL #25.

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