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RECOIL Issue #26

It's been a while since we've covered anything AK-related, so in Issue 26 we turn up the volume to 11, with builds, cans, ammo, and even a BMP. Whether you laud their place in the panoply of world firearms design, think they're overrated trashcan guns suitable only for countries where toilet paper is regarded as a passing fad, or just want to make sure you know how to operate the system, this issue's for you.

In it, we chat with expert AK builder Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics, check out four of the AKs currently available in the U.S., get serious with x39 ammo testing and examine a couple of suppressors tailor-made for the AK platform. We also look at ways to develop your grip strength for better weapon manipulation, beat the crap out of a bunch of trail shoes, roll our own AK from a parts kit, and visit a military vehicle museum. Oh, and CZ's cool little Bren carbine falls victim to the editorial curse.

RECOIL. It's what other magazines want to be, once they grow a pair.

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