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RECOIL Issue #27

Well, looks like we did it again. Another delicious helping of RECOIL, delivered fresh and piping hot to the shelf of your local print emporium. In this issue, we consider a few well-conceived dishes for the delivery of long-range ass whupping, ranging from the eminently sensible confections of Tikka and Modern Outfitters, all the way up to DT's antisocial behemoth. Semi-auto fans aren't neglected either, as LWRCI gets onto the menu too, with their CSASS offering.

For those considering brewing their own precision rig, we offer the most comprehensive buyers guide ever assembled to R700 pattern actions. Although we can't guarantee your choice will be made any easier, at least you'll have data on most of the available options. Once you've picked out a build, you might want to read Pete Palma's review of Vortex' new scope. He's the only guy I know to have passed his final stalk assessment at USMC Scout Sniper school naked apart from boots and gloves, and it shows in his writing.

There's a whole lot of other great stuff as well, ranging from an exclusive interview with the godfather of modern long-range shooting, to a cool truck, to a sniper-specific workout from former MARSOC member Buck Doyle, as well as knives, gear, and combatives. If that doesn't whet your appetite, check your pulse. You might be dead.


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