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RECOIL Issue #28

As I write this editor's note, we’re about 24 hours away from the day when fellow South Park fans must make a choice between a giant douche and turd sandwich. Given the wall-to-wall coverage lavished on these subprime specimens of humanity (dear God, please make it stop) I’m not going to labor the point here. Instead, let us take comfort in the fact that due to the foresight of the men who wrote our Constitution, the president has less power than the media would have us believe.

Despite the current incumbent throwing tantrums worthy of a 2-year-old, in terms of meaningful progress to his anti-gun agenda, he’s managed little apart from mildly inconveniencing gunsmiths and a few importers. Now, this is not in any way meant to minimize the impact of government meddling in the lives of honest citizens, merely to illustrate that in comparison to what might have happened were it not for the efforts of energetic and energized gun owners.

It’s this rabidly enthusiastic base that our opposition has a hard time countering. They can’t take people to the anti-gun range and dispel myths and propaganda while having a great time. They offer nothing to keep your family safe apart from bland admonishments and reliance on the state. They’ve no skin in the game when it comes to losing rights, property, or freedom, and for the most part, they’re either insulated from the effects of disarmament, or else they’re willing to trade it all for personal ambition.

Those behind the gun-control organizations know this of course, and try to counter by spending heavily on advertising in an attempt to create the illusion of a grassroots movement. You need only look at their social media presence to realize they’re an empty shell. By and large, they’ll make one turgidly unoriginal post every work day to satisfy their backers, then call it quits on Friday afternoon. Contrast this with the torrent of content that comes from enthusiasts like RECOIL at all hours of the day, just because we believe in what we do, and think this is the coolest job ever.

It pays to remind your elected representatives that they serve at the pleasure of their electorate. Let them know that should they feel the need to screw with our Second Amendment rights, their opponents will find themselves better funded and can count on an extra volunteer. Join the NRA, or whatever gun rights organization you favor. Take a colleague or neighbor shooting. Whether we’re stuck with a giant douche or a turd sandwich, it’s our job as citizens to hold them accountable.


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