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RECOIL Issue #3 Available For Home Delivery

RECOIL Issue #3 is now available for home delivery purchase from the SIM Magazine Store.

The SIM Magazine Store provides the same quality product available on newsstands without the need to search for it. They will also ship to US, Canada and International. You can preview some of the articles in RECOIL Issue #3 HERE.

For Customer Service questions regarding RECOIL Magazine’s Home Delivery Service please click HERE.

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39 responses to “RECOIL Issue #3 Available For Home Delivery”

  1. Spencer Woods says:

    Subscription service available?

    • Nigel says:

      Picked up issue #3… love it! Glad I found this mag. Hope you don’t mind, I plugged you on my site.

  2. Ratchasub Nishida says:

    Good magazine

  3. Kevin says:

    Good magazine, would be better at $5.99 USD an issue and without the funky paper on the cover

  4. Sgt Ron Dachs says:

    requesting info on subscribtion.

  5. Controlled Chaos Arms says:

    I’m interested in Subscription Information… One of our guys brought your #3 issue in to the shop today… GREAT publication.


  6. Bill says:

    This is the first magazine I have ever come across where you can not get a home delivery print subscription – just absurd!

  7. Boxerjoe13 says:

    I was intrigued when I noticed your cover indicating that your publication was for the “Gun Lifestyle”. Despite it being a bit pricey I thought I would give it a try. I enjoyed it because in reality being a gun owner requires much more introspective then what is provided by simply reading gun reviews. I enjoy articles on personal and home defense, gun carry and concealment techniques, survival strategies, knife and tactical gear reviews, training drills for IDPA and the shooting sports. Hopefully future magazines continue with articles relating to the “Gun Lifestyle”.

  8. thomas j brooks says:

    Dear Sirs: I would like to purchase a subscription to Recoil magazine, I do not have an account number with you. Would you please send me a US telephone number so I may get in touch with you. Thank you Thomas j Brooks

  9. drick says:

    +1 to Bill’s comment

    when are you going to offer a normal subscription model like every other magazine in the SIM family?

    it feels like you are trying to extend the process as long as possible to maximize the price of the publication..

    not a great way to build a new brands loyalty.

  10. Erik Heyl says:

    I’d love it if you could add Paypal as an option. I LOVE the mag and have a digital subscription. While on the one hand I like the idea of a physical subscription, I can see that it might be too costly for you or for the consumer, so please KEEP the digital subscription as an option. Well done!

  11. thx1138jt says:

    +2 to bill and drick’s comments.

    I cannot find this magazine in the local Wallgreens, CVS, Walmart or Barnes and Nobel (2 different stores). And it is not available on Amazon. Although I have an iPad in this case I rather have a paper copy instead. Why can I not have a paper subscription? From the first 2 issues you have a good magazine going, don’t f* it up!

  12. Brian "G.Starr" Gläss says:

    RECOIL!!! Why are you not offering subscriptions???

  13. gtmini says:

    When will the digital version be available? If it is already, why can’t I download it???

  14. Jason M says:

    when are you going to offering subscriptions??

  15. Max says:

    Is there an issue 4 coming? I would rather buy than subscribe… i guess i am alone on this one. Magazine is of a large format. I hate to image what USPs would do to it. Plus i like my visits to B&N… Anyway, where is #4? Is this a monthly publication? Great magazine! Good job and keep it up.

  16. Pete says:

    offer a “subscription” option.

  17. Aias says:

    If you can subscribe on iPad, why not for the physical magazine? Or better yet, both!

  18. stacey bisceglia says:

    How do I subscribe to recoil magazine?? I want the physical magazine delivered to my home.

  19. Daren James says:

    Says we can now subscribe, but when I use the link it says sorry not available.

  20. Banksy says:

    When is issue 4 out? read all of the others cover to cover many times over, keep the quality up, best mag out there

  21. Richard Wright says:

    Fleet Farm has your magazine ! Just need to know when a new issue comes out? Can you email me?

  22. Bryce says:

    Sub information please?
    I dont know if I want to continue ordering mag from this website. You never know I forget or too lazy…

  23. Dre says:

    The magazine bar code instructs retailers to display until September 11th. Issue #4 my be released around that time.

  24. George says:

    How do I get home delivery? Went to the SIM site and it is just blank

  25. Kirk Keller says:

    Saw this mag… Combat ineffective. Not sure what you folks are thinking.

  26. Derek Dauma says:

    Your comments on the MP7 show you to be a Judenrat.

    The “sporting test” is a bunch of Unconstitutional hooey.

    Jerry Tsai and Bill Ruger, like brothers from another mother.

  27. Freeport56 says:

    A reminder to the editor of Recoil Magazine:

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Shall not be infringed, what part does your editor not understand?

  28. herm says:

    Do not buy this mag any more!

  29. KB says:

    Took a look at your issue #1, and I will not be purchasing. Your editor’s views on civilian firearm owners is disgusting, and not only publishing, but agreeing with the statement, and I quote “…points out that this is a gun that you do not want in the wrong, slimy hands.” in referral to civilians is not only destructive of 2nd Amendment sentiments, but also of the fine men and women who practice shooting as a recreational, traditional, and defensive activity.

    You are losing subscribers and sponsors, such as Panteao and Silencerco/SWR for a reason.

    Thank you for taking the time to publish your views and make us aware of your standings.


  30. Bill says:

    Glad you addressed the MP7 issue. Like the mag, it’s the only gun mag I read now. And it’s purely for the syle.
    In the future please refrain from drinking the H&K koolaid. Cause the not for sporting purpose, not for civilians is their words not yours.

  31. Zendo Deb says:

    I wish I had a subscription so I could cancel it.

    Exactly where is “Sporting Purpose” mentioned in the Bill of Rights? Here I thought the 2nd Amendment was meant to keep the government in check. But then it isn’t in check, so maybe it has a different meaning.

    Look up “Zumbo” and what happened to him when he went all “Sporting Purpose” on the AR15. I think you might see your own future.

  32. Jonny WIshbone says:

    Business 101,
    New Product Demand – check
    Product Development and design – check
    Product acceptance – check
    Product delivery and disbursement – FAIL
    Optimize product sales and customer satisfaction and convenience – Fail

    This may be an unfavorable business practice for an upcoming company. Heed the warning that you are paving the way for a competitor to jump in and fill the void, now that the template has been established. Good luck with your crippling business oversight.

  33. frank says:

    would like to subscribe to this magazine. hands down my favorite gear/gun magazine. and dont change the cover of the magazine, its a great touch towards the presentation of it.

  34. William says:

    I thought after “Gungames Magazine” ended, there would never be another one like it. Once again I was right because yours is better. Alot has changed in competition shooting, and personal defense since then. You seem to on top of it all. Great photos, I’m almost considering adding the paper subscription in case my IPad dies. Keep up the good work.

  35. Jason Hartline says:

    I would like to get a subscription to recoil, anyone have a contact for them, would also like to get the 3 back issues I have missed, thanks

  36. Richard Artis says:

    Your site says issue #3 is now available for order (paper copy), but when I go to the given links, it shows only issue #4. What gives?

  37. B Palmer says:

    This mag kicks a** great photos and iteresting articles love it “want a subscription” now!!

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