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RECOIL Issue #32

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As gun owners, we’re living in the best of times. While we’re still awaiting progress on the Hearing Protection Act and concealed carry reciprocity, prices on the kind of firearms and accessories we love have dropped to historic lows. At the national level, we still have a somewhat friendly Congress and ahead of the mid-term elections next year, little political appetite for the kind of idiotic grandstanding favored by pig-ignorant and duplicitous Bloomberg lackeys.

And then there’s California. As if to prove that no gun control law is too onerous or barkingly mad to be rammed through by the Democratic supermajority, Californian gun owners were forced to make a decision on July 1, whether to become criminals or to hand over their regular-capacity magazines.

Law-abiding citizens were given the choice of either selling their mags to a licensed dealer, moving them out of state, handing them in to law enforcement or destroying them. As if to underline just how little regard the ruling class has for their subjects, naturally no compensation was offered for the loss of their property.

Magazines aren’t serialized or tracked in any way. Apart from a point of sale receipt, there’s no paper trail to document their ownership or movements and no effective means to enforce the ban, apart from conducting house-to-house searches which despite it no doubt being the wet dream of certain politicians, would run afoul of the Fourth Amendment. We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not men. Bringing the law into disrepute with unenforceable statutes that serve no purpose other than to create criminals from whole cloth, should cause free men to start reaching for tar and feathers.

As you might expect, we’ve heard of precisely zero instances where lawful gun owners have surrendered their property to the state. From Concord Bridge to the Whiskey Rebellion to the Battle of Athens, America has a long tradition of raising the middle finger to tyrannical government. Long may it continue. Check out RECOIL Issue 32.

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