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Recoil Monday Giveaway – thabto and Swag

Congratulations to Jessica Burke for winning the 3/4/13 RECOIL Giveaway

As featured on Page 13 of RECOIL Issue# 1, we are giving away a thabto Knuckle Duster Mug but in limited edition Blood Splatter. Also as featured on Page 19 of RECOIL Issue# 2, we are including the thabto Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers. Here’s your chance to win some thabto homewares along with some RECOIL swag.

One RANDOM winner will be chosen to win the following:
• x1 thabto Knucle Duster Mug in limited edition Blood Splatter
• x1 thabto Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers
• x1 RECOIL Issue# 1 (please don’t sell on eBay)
• x1 RECOIL Issue# 2
• x1 RECOIL Issue# 5
• x1 RECOIL Target Pack
• x1 RECOIL 1:1 T-Shirt
• x1 additional copy of the two-sided Going Hot poster from the Target Pack
• Assortment of targets from previous issues of RECOIL and the Target Pack

Just sign up below and we’ll draw a random winner this Tuesday, March 5, at noon PST. This giveaway is open to people ages 18 and over and who reside in the USA and Canada only. RECOIL T-shirts only available in men’s sizes medium, large, extra large, and XXL.

7 responses to “Recoil Monday Giveaway – thabto and Swag”

  1. Steven Martinez says:

    Recoil Monday Giveaway – thabto and Swag

  2. Steven Martinez says:

    Recoil Monday Giveaway – thabto and Swag 1

  3. shooterer says:

    The best gun rag around.

  4. Roxanne Crist says:

    I want to win this for the hubby’s bday lol please? Only another month until the subscription starts right?

  5. mike davey says:

    this is by far the best mag for firearms–survival–gadgets out there the mag and keep up the good work..

  6. mike davey says:

    love the mag..keep up the great tips and product guide

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