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RECOIL Target Pack

Our special Target Pack is on sale now! Though not a regular issue (that goes on sale in April), this special Target Pack consists of a 16-page shooting guide, a two-sided “Going Hot” poster, and a set of 10 high-quality targets — some designed for just plain fun while others for honing your skills at long range or close up. We hope the Target Pack will give you another excuse to hit the range while waiting for our next issue.

4 responses to “RECOIL Target Pack”

  1. steven gillespie says:

    Home subscriptiom need telephone to contact you ?

  2. Ron Dachs says:

    would like home delivery. no account number. so now what?

  3. Ryan R says:

    Where can I purchase the target pack?

    Thank you for your time.

  4. William Soos says:

    Please do not change anything about your magazine including the material used to make it. Not only does it have great articles and features but it just feels right while holding and turning the pages !

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