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RECOILtv All Access: Gemtech Aurora II


RECOILtv All Access: Gemtech Aurora II

Today we hang out with Gemtech and talk about their tiny, covert, and upgraded Aurora–the Aurora II. This all-wipe silencer is the first one being manufacturered in the Massachusetts facility by S&W since their purchase of Gemtech. The Aurora II is a bit more durable that the original, lasting for nearly fourty shots before wipe replacement–though this may not sound like a lot the original could only go and roll dirty for ten rounds. Additionally, the Aurora II is threaded on both ends–one for metric and the other for the country that went to the moon: American 1/2×28.

Is this a silencer to go all day at the range? Nope. But, you'll be able to buy this special purpose mini monster soon–something that used to only be available to govvie employess.

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