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RECOILtv All Access: Sig Sauer P365


RECOILtv All Access: Sig Sauer P365

We hit up the Sig Sauer Range Day with a handful of other guns to compare to the Sig P365–because of course we did. You probably already read about this little guy here, but here's some more hands-on. Iain compares it to a Glock 43 and more. You'd think that Sig Sauer would have been a little concerned when Iain pulled out a bag full of other similarly sized handguns, but the reverse was true–they welcomed it. So far the Sig Sauer P365 has made more than one RECOIL editor reconsider their carry pistol. Except for Dave, since he carries a full-size fuckyou gun with an X300U and an RMR.

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