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RECOILtv: AR vs AK Underwater

Ever watch your favorite action movies, and see a gun battle happen underwater? While we take our action movies with a realistic grain of salt, we asked ourselves here at RECOIL, “What would actually happen if we tried to do a mag dump underwater with two platforms that nearly everyone can recognize?” Since we get to do what we want here at RECOIL, we decided to link up with CDI, a commercial diving establishment that teaches those who need to operate in some ridiculous underwater environments. But CDI has never seen this test before…the good ol American AR versus the Commie-lovers typical AK. How will the two platforms fare in this face off below the (very shallow) waves? Take a look and find out!
If you want to see other platforms square off in our underwater shooting gallery, let us know in the comments, and we’ll see what other platforms stand the test!
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More AR vs AK

  • Back in 2016 we published a little something on a mud test between the two. Check it out.

7 responses to “RECOILtv: AR vs AK Underwater”

  1. Colin says:

    It’s interesting to see how guns like that operate underwater. I’m surprised that you chose a plastic based magazine for the AR-15 for testing as well. I wonder if an aluminum magazine would have had the same outcome underwater with all the pressure. Also I wonder if subsonic rounds would change some of the outcomes with testing. Just my thoughts. Pretty informative though!

  2. JLA says:

    Spear gun! It’s possible that the AK’s hammer was just facing too much resistance from the water and wasn’t hitting the firing pin hard enough the fire the round. I knew the AR would blow up on round 1. Did the gas tube go too? I couldn’t really tell from the video.

  3. Gary Hines says:

    Yes, there is a gun Id like to see shot under water. Handguns. Specifically 1911 VS Glock (with maritime caps and without). Pistols will function much differantly then rifles under water. Glocks have something called “Maritime Cups” you can buy to make the firing pin function under water. I use them on all my glocks not to shoot under water, but so I can keep the firing pin lightly oiled and still get good primer strikes.

  4. Tatterdemalian says:

    How about 1911 vs. Glock vs. Colt Python? See if a revolver has a different performance underwater.

  5. Penrod says:

    Lessee…obstruct the entire barrel, then fire the gun. What would anyone THINK would happen?

    I’m a little surprised that more damage wasn’t done.

    Maybe with someone else’s gun….

  6. Zzoopy says:

    I would like to see a 16″ naval gun fired under water.

  7. MrSatyre says:

    “…a realistic grain of salt…”

    Did you mean to say “a grain of salt”, which would be taken—by…well…everyone—metaphorically, or did you mean an actual realistic grain of salt? Y’know, as opposed to a real grain of salt, you took something that was instead was a realistic facsimile thereof.

    Just checking. For accuracy.

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