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RECOILtv DIY Video: 1911 Detail Strip

RECOILtv DIY (s01e03): 1911 Detail Strip

Don’t assume you know how to fully perform a 1911 detail strip for that thorough cleaning or parts swap you’ve been putting off. Learn from one of the best 1911 gurus around how it’s done properly. Get out your toolbox because it’s time to follow along with the order of operations as Jason Burton of Heirloom Precision shows us the proper way to detail strip and reassemble your 1911. There’s a lot involved here so RECOILtv has your back on making sure we covered all the steps to do everything correctly and rewatch the video if need be. Heirloom Precision earned their stripes getting 1911s done right so have a look and let us know your thoughts on the most frustrating parts of disassembly and reassembly on your 1911.

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