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Recently we had the opportunity to attend the first open house event for one of the largest privately-owned tactical training facilities in the Southeastern United States, FORCE Center. FORCE (Forward Operational Readiness Center) is comprised of a former 1,200-acre maximum security correctional facility, located in Immokalee, Florida, that at one time housed just over 1,000 inmates. In June, 2011 it was purchased by a group of investors and converted over to a state-of-the-art tactical training facility. Housing a 1000 yard range, tons of opportunities for CQB and team training in their own “city,” and aerial assets that are hard to match, FORCE allows teams and operators to hone skills that would be nearly impossible to replicate anywhere else. Check out their demo to see a place that every operator drools to have in their backyard! And for more information on FORCE, head on over to


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