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RECOILtv Full Auto Friday: Beretta M12S


In this installment of Full Auto Friday, we join our Recoil's Dave Merrill, and friend Ben Canini, as they unleash all the pews on a Beretta M12S, or as Ben lovingly refers to it- the Spaghetti Uzi. Hailing all the way from the Italian mainland where it was originally manufactured back in 1962, this subgun has even spent time with the United States Marines in Saigon and can still be found in use today in various parts of the world including South America, Mexico, and Chile.

With a very slow but very steady 550 rounds per minute rate of fire, this little platform is super easy to control and keep on target. The Beretta M12S is equipped with a grip safety which must be depressed before you can pull the trigger. With a reciprocating bolt handle though, shooters need to ensure that they utilize the foregrip while shooting, with no over the top style grips recommended. While not letting off of the trigger, can Ben keep the 12S on target? Take a look and find out what happens when Ben unleashes all of the pews from the Beretta M12S!

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