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RECOILtv Full Auto Friday: Uzi SMG

RECOILtv Full Auto Friday (s01e03): Uzi SMG

The 1980s brought us mullets, Mac computers, and action movies in which every villain was toting a Uzi SMG. Based on the Israeli submachine gun (SMG), developed by Uziel Gal in the late ‘40s, and introduced to the Israel Defense Forces’ elite units a decade later, the Uzi SMG is a 9mm straight blow-back, closed-bolt carbine with a folding stock. With more than 10 million Uzis built, this is definitely one of the most iconic small arms of the 20th century. The basic design’s sex appeal was undeniable — namely offering a compact handy pistol-caliber carbine in a rock solid package. Feeding from an all-steel, double-column magazine, this Uzi SMG offers to be a historical collector’s item and a lot of fun times at the range. RECOILtv shows how to field strip this Uzi SMG variant, how dirty the inside gets, and how it shoots with Iain and Bebe Noyes from Machine Gun Vegas.

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