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RECOILtv: Gun Room – Forced Reset Trigger


Do you want semi-full-auto capabilities in your rifle? How about full-semi-auto capabilities? Not really sure if those are actual phrases, but you get what we are saying. Check out what Rare Breed Triggers is doing to make your rig as close to fully automatic as you can be. Technically still a semi-auto rifle, when a platform adds one of these FRT-15 triggers to its inner workings, your rate of fire increases dramatically. It's the closest thing you can get to a full auto rate of fire, without crossing that proverbial line drawn in the sand by certain government bureaucracies. Follow RECOIL Editor in Chief, Iain Harrison, as he drops one of these bad boys into a lower, and pairs a couple different uppers to see how it performs. Be sure to check this out, and if you are interested, get your hands on one of your own…before a certain organization decides you can't have one!

For more information on the FRT-15, head on over to

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4 responses to “RECOILtv: Gun Room – Forced Reset Trigger”

  1. The Heretic says:

    Not going to take their lawyer’s *opinion* on whether this is legal or not. When they get a decision/letter from the actual ATF, then I may be interested.

    • Not the ATF says:

      My thoughts too, get a determination and then I’ll trust you…but since I live in Florida, maybe I’ll just drive down to Disney and pick one up in person, for cash, without a name….

  2. Nick says:

    Yeah the ATF should make the laws governing what we can and can’t… wait, they don’t make laws. Bought one.

    • DefundTheATF says:

      Agreed but….I really don’t want the ATF showing up at the house with a warrant like they have been doing with all those Polymer80, Q LLC, and Diversified Machine Solvent Trap customers…so unless I can do this purchase with no records or some type of warm feel good letter from ATF saying they are cool with this trigger…certainly don’t want them dragging my ‘braced’ pistols into question

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