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RECOILtv: Ivan Loomis, the Kit Badger

RECOILtv ADDS A BADGER TO ITS TEAM! Not an actual badger per se, but one that feeds on gear and kit…that kind of badger. Ivan Loomis, better known as Kit Badger, joins the RECOILtv team with his own channel, dedicated to bringing you the best in lights, lasers, plate carriers, and so much more. With decades of experience in the military, law enforcement, and some security contracting, Ivan brings a vast wealth of knowledge to RTV. Pushing gear to its limits is this badger’s passion, and sometimes, he may even push that gear too far. To check out every piece of gear that Ivan gets his hands on, and to see which ones can withstand the trials of the Kit Badger, stop by Ivan’s channel on RECOILtv at

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