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RECOILtv: John Nores discusses his book, Hidden War, with Oliver North

John Nores, the host of our very own Thin Green Line, spoke with retired Colonel Oliver North on his series Real American Heroes about the book, Hidden War. With first-hand experience of the complexity Law Enforcement faces with drug trafficking, and the dangers of illegal growing operations, Nores and Ret. Col. North introduce the book and its contents. An eye opening introduction to the realities of Black Market Cannabis, cartels, and what's driving the illicit drug trade. Aggressively different from the idea of peaceful farmers, Nores addresses the criminality involved with these high-risk operations. Watch the video yourself on RECOILtv, here.

John Nores, who's been a a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast, has and interview with us here.

To watch John Nores Channel on RECOILtv, here's the Thin Green Line.

And be sure to keep up with RTV’s growing list of personalities and influencers by heading to right now!


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    The government is inept at regulating anything. To say legalization failed in itself, I say no. Regulation that no company can afford, takes a year or more to pass and is bureaucratic to the hilt. Look at the FDA and their vape ban – 30k per flavor, one year waits. That’s not oversight, that’s business crushing idiocy.

    Less government – let the market do what it does.

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