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RECOILtv Mail Call: Hel-Star 6 Gen III Helmet Light


RECOILtv Mail Call: Hel-Star 6 Gen III Helmet Light

Compared to other members of the animal kingdom, humans have poor night vision. This poses a safety risk during nighttime group activities since it's easy to get disoriented or separated.

Enter a device that attaches to your gear and provides long-lasting, clearly visible light that can be customized with a field programmable interface. The Core Survival Hel-Star 6 Gen III is issued to special operations units and features sliding switches that enhance the tactile feel and provide positive, intuitive control between the two operating modes. Four user-defined functions can be selected from virtually any combination of white, four different color options, and IR – either flashing or steady. Variable flash rates, intensities, and coded signals provide expanded IFF capability.

Core Survival

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