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Riton RT-S MOD 7 Scope on RECOILtv Mail Call


In this installment or RecoilTV's Mail Call, we take a look at Riton Optics' RT-S MOD 7 Scope. This bad boy is an affordable option for a wide variety of shooters, but doesn't sacrifice any of the quality.

Whether you are a precision rifle shooter, hunter or just like to reach out to distance to tag a target, this will be a last stop optic for you– providing you with every feature you need. The RT-S MOD 7 scope is 32 power, is first focal plane, and sports the Riton Illuminated Precision Shooting Reticle and the Riton Tactical Zero Stop Turrets.

This is truly a scope for any long range shooter.

To see more information on the MOD 7, or the full line of Riton Optics products, head on over to

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