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RECOILtv Mail Call: Vortex Optics – Fury HD 5000 Rangefinding Binoculars


RECOILtv Mail Call: Vortex Optics – Fury HD 5000

Mail Call is excited to present Vortex Optics’ improvements within the visual space. The Vortex Fury HD 5000 is a combination of powerful binoculars, and pinpoint rangefinder technology. This single set up can take the place of two traditional pieces of equipment, integrating 10×42 binos and rangefinding into an easy to manipulate and compact to carry package. With the power to reflect out to 5000 yards, and to range a deer at 1600 yards, this system says goodbye to the old days of carrying multiple pieces of gear for success in the field. Whether in the battlefield or out in the wilderness, this setup will keep you focused and efficient when it comes to ranging and placing a shot.

For more information on the Fury HD 5000, and the full line of Vortex products, head on over to

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