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RECOILTV NRA 2019: Maxim Defense PDX/PDX SD


RECOILTV NRA 2019: Maxim Defense PDX/PDX SD

Maxim Defense's PDX was designed to dominate close quarters engagements and boasts an overall length of only 18.75-inches. With technologies such as the Maxim SCW stock system and the Maxim HATEBRAKE muzzle booster, this platform gives operators power and performance in a small package.

The PDX SD is a similar product, centered around a 5.5-inch barrel, and the only 5.5-inch, 5.56 NATO rated suppressor. Compact, powerful, and designed for adaptability, this platform is perfectly suited for the Tier 1 community.

Available in 5.56 NATO and 7.62x39mm, the PDX and PDX SD will soon be offered in .300 Blackout. With no adjustments needed for the gas system, the Maxim Defense .300 will enable shooters to load a variety of rounds in the magazine, with no adjustments required.

Stay tuned for more information on when the new platforms will become available, and for the full line-up of Maxim Defense products, visit

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