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RECOILTV NRA 2019: SureFire XVL2/300-Ti


RECOILTV NRA 2019: SureFire XVL2/300-Ti

For forty years, Surefire has enabled users to more accurately aim their firearms, via laser and light module systems. Beginning with the M79S in 1979, Surefire laser sights have continued to adapt to the changes in the firearms world. Forty years later, big and bulky has become small and versatile. The XVL2 Laser/Light module system is a compact, yet powerful system that covers a wide range of visual spectrums for shooters to take advantage of.

But Surefire doesn't stop there. Sound suppression is an important feature in many scenarios, and the embodiment of years of improvements have resulted in the 300-Ti titanium suppressor. Ultra-lightweight, this suppressor is perfectly suited for the casual shooter, and is able to be adapted to a wide range of calibers.

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