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RECOILtv Training Tune Ups – Fundamentals #3 Grip

In this installment of Training Tune Ups, we join Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical in another Fundamentals training session. Accompanying him is LFT's Resident Waterboy, Gavin ‘Bouche' Brokos, who will be the model for the evening, and gives examples of both poor and solid grips on a handgun. While drilling fundamentals, there are a couple of important things you want to focus on. In this circumstance, stacked thumbs, minimal exposure of your handgun's backstrap, and about an 80/20 hold from your grip are the pivotal points of focus. These points help shooters focus on managing recoil, and reacquiring the target as quickly as possible. Follow along with Dan and the Waterboy, as they take you through the finer points, and see if you can compete with Dan's time on his drill for this discipline!

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