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RECOILtv Training Tuneups: Long Range Rifle Shooing Tip


In this week’s installment of Training Tuneups, Eric Lund of Outdoor Solutions shows us a common mistake that hunters make in the field when shooting both short and long range rifle– taking their head off of the scope after making a shot.  This is a mistake that's easily made by hunters in the heat of the moment time and time again, and it can potentially bring on some negative consequences.

If a hunter makes a shot that is less than perfect, by keeping their head in the shooting position through the entire shot and its placement, hunters are better able to manage the recoil and then witness and correct a misplaced round. Without staying in the scope, you will not be able to spot your impact or your miss, thus making a good and timely follow up shot unlikely and potentially losing the animal you have worked so hard to harvest.  This concept also applies to virtually any form of long-range shooting. Watch this video, and take a peek at how Eric Lund performs this simple, yet effective task, and help increase your chances on a follow-up shot, should you not knock your game down in one strike. Practice this fundamental skill, so that you don’t go home empty-handed this hunting season.

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